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Housing4Hoosiers is a renter resource program created to promote educational information about tenant/landlords rights and responsibilities in Indiana.

Our goal: to help Hoosiers count on safe and stable rental homes in their community.

Resources include:

Featured on the site is a Google map plus a spreadsheet with detailed information on over 150 rental housing properties throughout the City of Bloomington Monroe County. Visitors can also sign up for H4H News with regular tips and information on how to find, lease, and keep rental housing.

Featuring a variety of short explainer videos on topics like “Budgeting for an Apartment” and “Before You Sign a Lease.”

  • “Renting in Indiana: A Handbook for Tenants and Landlords.”

Download your free copy of this comprehensive source of rental information for Hoosiers!

  • The Housing4Hoosiers Tenant/Landlord Education Series

Offered semi-annually in the spring and fall at locations Bloomington and Monroe County. Registrations open four weeks before the workshops and are available on the Housing4Hoosiers website.