Board of Directors

SCIHO Board of Directors

President: John Vargo is fiscal controller for the South Central Community Action Program. He has been the executive director of an affordable housing nonprofit and has experience in all aspects of developing and building new affordable homes from grant writing to site acquisition to general contracting.

Vice President: Nordia McNish is pursuing a degree in Social Work from Indiana University. She is committed to creating possibilities for change for low-income individuals and families. Ms. McNish serves as a low-income representative on the SCIHO board.

Secretary/Treasurer:  Dave Landis works in the commercial banking industry. Mr. Landis is the vice president of commercial lending for BloomBank.

Tonda Radewan has served as a paralegal in private practice and Bankruptcy Clinic Coordinator for the District 10 Pro Bono Project. A resident of Bloomington since 1999, much of her professional time is spent keeping seniors and families in their homes.

Marilyn Skirvin is Vice President of the Bloomington Economic Development Council. She also serves as a Commissioner of the Bloomington Housing Authority.