SCIHO is pleased to have an outstanding group of advisors to sustain and support our mission and goals.

  • Anne Bono, Director of Advocacy and Public Policy, Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce
  • Kevin Cade, Mortgage Loan Originator, Vice President, Old National Bank; Commissioner, Bloomington Housing Authority
  • Sherry Clay, President, Resident Council of the Bloomington Housing Authority
  • Randy Lloyd, Principal and General Counsel, TM Crowley
  • Terri Porter, Director, Planning and Transportation Department, City of Bloomington
  • Erin Predmore, Executive Director, Monroe County United Ministries
  • Stacy Jane Rhoads, Deputy Administrator/Deputy Attorney, City of Bloomington
  • Elizabeth Ruh, Owner, Personal Financial Services, LLC
  • Susan Sandberg, President, City Council, City of Bloomington
  • Doris Sims, Director, Housing and Neighborhood Development Department, City of Bloomington
  • Lindsey A. Smith, Commissioner, Bloomington Housing Authority