South Central Indiana Housing Opportunities (SCIHO) is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit launched in 2016 to address the area’s chronic shortage of low-cost homes.

We know local housing needs well and we offer the opportunity to keep resources for affordable housing within the community that we serve. We are certified as a Community Housing and Development Organization (CHDO) by the City of Bloomington.

As a nonprofit, SCIHO is strategically positioned to access a variety of private and public funding sources—an important advantage in an age where federal housing subsidies continue to shrink, even as the need for affordable housing continues to grow.  Our affiliation with the Bloomington Housing Authority helps guide our mission to meet the housing needs of low-income families.



SCIHO is dedicated to expanding housing options for low- and moderate-income households in the City of Bloomington, Monroe County, and the South Central Indiana region.


To build sustainable and inclusive communities that offer diverse housing options for people of all income levels, ages, and abilities.

2018-2023 Strategic Plan

SCIHO 2017 Annual Report

Board of Directors

  • John Vargo, President
  • Nordia McNish, Vice President
  • David Landis, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Tonda Radewan
  • Marilyn Skirvin


Deborah Myerson, Executive Director


SCIHO is pleased to have an outstanding group of advisors in the community who can support and sustain the organization’s mission and goals.