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Local Housing Needs: Where Are We Now? Where Do We Go From Here? 6/27/2018

We have dire housing needs in our community that are not being addressed by the market. As you may have guessed, Monroe County is the most expensive housing market in Indiana.

We Are Here For the Next Century…99-Year Ground Lease Agreement Approved!

SCIHO-Switchyard Apartments, LLC, a subsidiary of South Central Indiana Housing Opportunities Corporation, is now party to a 99-year ground lease with the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department for 1901 S Rogers, the site of the Switchyard Apartments project.

SCIHO Awarded $500,000 Affordable Housing Program Grant

South Central Indiana Housing Opportunities, in partnership with BloomBank, has been awarded $500,000 in competitive Affordable Housing Program grant funds from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis for the development of Switchyard Apartments.

Investigating Community Housing Needs

SCIHO has completed a Community Housing Needs Assessment to document the City of Bloomington’s housing needs.


  • Housing costs in Monroe County are the highest in Indiana, and demand for low-cost rentals far outstrips supply.
  • In Monroe County in 2011-13, there were only 14 rental units affordable and available for every 100 extremely low-income renters–a decrease of 22 percent from 2000.
  • Bloomington must build its local capacity to increase the production of affordable housing.

Updated! 2018-23 Strategic Plan

1. Mission-Based Program Development
2. Capacity Building
3. Communications and Marketing
4. Finances and Fundraising
5. Community Outreach and Partnerships
6. Property and Asset Management

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